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Friday, October 29, 2010


it doesn't take much for me either. i love to cry for happy or sad or just to release tension.
sometimes you just need a good cry. i'm trying to thingking the last time i did, though. i would say i usually cry like once a week but i've been good the past while. a lot of a time it would be during a discussion with my boyfriend about something. not a fight but anything heated or disagreement or something awkward to mention or if i miss him a lot while her away working or something. that has to be it, though i cant think of when it was.


My name is nurulbayah binti mohd mokhtar. i was 19 years old. i was born in the area of moss, silver. my mother's name the norma daughter jakaria. my father's name is mohd mokhtar bin sulaiman. however my father had long died of heart pain. he has long left us almost 17 years. now i have a step father's who cared for me after my father died, which was named md. dun b. arshad. he is now 57 years old. i have two siblings, which consist of me and my brother. my brother's name is mohd helmi b. mohd mokhtar. He currently pursuing his college degree in hospitality islam melaka.
The background of my family, my grandparent were descended from the mamak. however, my father was descended from a family row. Almost all of my family member run their own bussiness. my mum and dad opening a food stall that serve as place to accommodate me and my brother's for further studies. As well as, the third person my aunt who also runs a bussiness selling food. This bussiness venture started by my grandfather's who is very intrested in bussiness, from the time of his youth until his death. this interest was followed by his sons who run bussiness in food stall everywhere around the black.

Monday, August 30, 2010

yes! berjaya edit blog...he3.

salam.w.b.t kngkwan..
fuhhh..puas ku mencari bagaimane nak edit blog..akhirnye!! berjaye jgak..alhamdulillah..., dah berjaye ni kan..aku nk kne wat pe g eh??? aduss..blur...